Seminar 2015

Rafting – An ATM Collaborative Work Out

The ASDA Seminar 2015 was part of
Conferences on Air Transport and Operation
July 20 -23 2015
Delft Technical University, Delft, The Netherlands

This year ASDA is going to use another format in the sessions of the CATO event. Around challenges set by a “guide” and borne out of air transport operations scientists are asked to debate solutions.  Or to stay in the picture: All participants are on the same “life raft” to answer how their science could contribute to the specified “ATM issue” proposed by the Guide. Each session is steered by a “guide”, the ATM expert, that well know the river and the waterfall never went thought  (i.e. the ATM issue) and stimulate the scientists in order to  paddle stroke to support the team for passing the whitewater. All (guide and all the scientists) play an active role during the rafting. The guide leads the debate, addresses the discussion and tries to summarize the solution proposed by participants; passes the paddle between participants.

Otherparts of the event are:
ATOS 2015 (Air Transport and Operations Symposium)