ASDA Research Tournament 2015 at SID

For the first time the SESAR Innovation Days (SID) programme committee took on board the ASDA debate format in a session. Furthermore ASDA board members were asked to actively participate as guides in the two matches.
The 5th edition of the SESAR Innovation Days were hosted by Università di Bologna, Italy from 1st – 3rd December 2015. Unlike other scientific events in ATM research, the SESAR Innovation Days focus explicitly on long-term and innovative research. The SESAR Innovation Days include technical paper sessions, keynote presentations, contributions from the WP-E Research Networks together with exhibits and posters.
The programme can be found here and the special part:

Wednesday, December 2 2015, 9:00 – 10:45
ASDA Research Tournament

Session Chair: Pierre Andribet, EUROCONTROL

Match 1 : RPAS Integration into Controlled Airspace

Referee: Jacco Hoekstra, TU Delft
Martina Ragosta, Deep Blue (Human Factors) and Jose Javier Ramasco, IFISC (Complexity Science) vs. Giuseppe Contissa, EU Institute (Legal) and Alan Groskreutz, CRIDA (Safety)

Match 2 : Increasing Trajectory Prediction Accuracy under Bad Weather Conditions

Referee: Peter Hecker, TU Braunschweig
Norbert Fürstenau, DLR (Sensors & Dynamic Systems) and Guglielmo Lulli, Lancaster University (Network Analytics) vs. Ricardo Herranz, Nommon (Data Science, Complex Systems Theory) and Jaap Heijstek, NLR (Meteo)


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