The Association pursues its activities in a selfless manner; primarily, it does not pursue objectives for its own commercial advantage.
ASDA organizes and promotes following activities in the field of ATM:

  • identifying and defining long-term research and development (R&D) goals and visions (beyond the next decade);
  • organising and supporting information and consultation processes involving the widest possible range of stakeholders with respect to such R&D goals and visions and their definition;
  • promoting the consideration and implementation of such goals towards the public and in national and international research projects;
  • supporting the role of independent research organisations and universities in future-oriented developments;
  • representing and promoting the interests and aims of independent R&D organisations in international ATM R&D programmes and/or organisations;
  • organising scientific workshops;
  • participation in research programmes and projects in order to pursue the above mentioned objectives.

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