Series of Tournaments 2016 – Session 4

Cyber Security in ATM

  • Guide: Prof. Chris Johnson
    (University of Glasgow, UK) Professor and Head of Computing Science. His research increases the resilience of critical infrastructures. Advisor to a wide range of companies including EDF (UK), DFS (Germany), Frequentis (Austria), LVNL (Netherlands), Skyguide (Switzerland) and Thales (UK). He was the software specialist on the SESAR scientific board advising the European Commission on the future of Air Traffic Management, comparable to the US NextGen programme and work on the cyber security of airport operations. He has worked with the United Nations (UNICRI) on improving the cyber-security of Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear facilities, including facilities in Africa and Asia, with the US Pacific Northwestern Labs and the UK National Nuclear Laboratory.
  • Expert: Per Håkon Meland
    (SINTEF, Norway) is research scientist in SINTEF’s ICT department. He holds an MSc in computer science from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. He has worked in numerous EU projects related to software/service development and security. He is a Norwegian representative under the standardisation working groups of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC 27 “IT Security techniques” and on the editorial board of the International Journal of Secure Software Engineering.
  • Expert: Prof. Ricky Curran
    (Technical University of Delft) Full professor of Air Transport & Operations (ATO), as well as, among other things, being a member of the scientific committee for Single European Sky ATM Research (SESAR), whose objective it is to optimise European aviation in relation to capacity, costs, security and environmental effects.

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  1. That safety and security are both essential for the future of Air Traffic Management.  They interact in complex ways that pose new challenges for our industry.
  2. There is a lack of awareness in ATM about the detailed technical challenges that are posed by new forms of attack.
  3. There is a need for a wide range of stakeholders to establish a research agenda for cybersecurity in ATM building on existing expertise but recognising the new challenges mentioned in 1.
  4. Research is needed in ATM cyber security both for short term threats but also integrating security requirements into longer term research.