Programme 2012

20th June 2012

Technical University of Delft, The Netherlands

Programme (Links to the presentations)

Wednesday, June 20th 2012

09:00 Opening ATOS Day 3 – plenary ATOS

09:10 ASDA Opening – Kurt Klein (ASDA)

ASDA session 1: EARPG (7.3) 10:10-11:10

10:10 Introduction and Scope of EARPG – Graham Greene

10:20 Benefit of Research for Safety and Environmental Protection, including EASp – Werner Kleine-Beek (EASA)

10:45 Project Examples:

11:20 Coffee break

ASDA session 2 (8.3) 11:40-13:10

11:40 Optimal Scheduling of Fuel-Minimal Approach Trajectories – Maximillian Richter, Florian Fisch, Matthias Bittner, Florian Holzapfel (TU Muenchen)

12:05 Coupling of ATM Planning Systems with Different Time Horizons – Meilin Schaper, Marco Temme, Lothar Christoffels, Olga Gluchshenko, Andreas Pick (DLR)

12:35 Future Strategies for Airports – Georges Mykoniatis, Isabelle Laplace (ENAC)

13:00 Lunch

ASDA Panel discussion (9.3) 14:10-15:10

14:10 Panel discussion: How to organize ATM research in Europe: Next steps
– Aart de Graaf, Werner Kleine-Beek, Kurt Klein, Ricky Curran, Georges Mykoniatis, Chair: Jacco Hoekstra

15:10 Tea break

ASDA+ATOS Airport session 3 (10.3) 15:45-17:25

15:45 Quantitative Technology Assessment within IATA’s TERESA framework – Peter Nolte, Arno Apffelstaedt and Volker Gollnick

16:10  Assessment of environmental impact of aircraft decontamination by vaporised hydrogen peroxide (VHP) – Hu Li and William Gale

16:35 EWENT –  Extreme weather impacts on European networks of transport – Michael Kreuz, Marco Nokkala

17:30 Closing ceremony

17:55 Closing reception

19:00 End of programme