Programme 2010

ASDA Seminar 2010       


Do we have the right methods and techniques to assess the future human role in the new ATM environment in order to improve the performance?

3rd and 4th November 2010

Location: University Parthenope of Naples (ITALY)

Preliminary Programme 

Day 1 – Wednesday 3rd November 2010

12,00 – 13,30 Participants registration



13,30 – 13,50 Seminar opening and welcome
(ASDA chairman and host institutions)


Technical session 1

13,50 – 14,20 M. Hilscher – EASA, European Human Factors Advisory Group, Key note speech 1
HF and ATM Research

14,20 – 14,50 R. Zon – NLR
A set of tools for assessing Human Factors aspects of new technologies

14,50 – 15,20 Coffee break

15,20 – 15,50 M. Baumgartner – IFATCA, Key note speech 2
HF and Controller involvement (tentative title)

15,50 – 16,20 O. Burov, A. Skripetz, O. Klimenko – Ukraine National Aviation  University
Day-to-day check and prediction of a human performance

16,20 – 16,50 Marcus Biella – DLR
Methods and Techniques derived by lessons learnt in EMMA2

16,50 – 17,00 Session chairman
Session 1 wrap-up

17,00 End of seminar day 1


Social event

18,00 – 20,30 Guided tour in the city

20,30             Dinner at Il Transatlantico restaurant, on the sea, in the Borgo Marinari district with a panoramic view of Vesuvius and the Gulf


Day 2 – Thursday 4th November 2010

Technical session 2

9,00 – 9,30     G.C. Ferrara – SESAR JU, Key note speech 3
HF Validation and measurement in SESAR

9,30 – 10,00   G. Duca, E. Attaianese – University of Naples Federico II
Open issues in human performances assessment in Model Based  Simulations for present and future ATM systems

10,00 – 10,30 Plenary Discussion
“Do we have the right methods and techniques to assess the future human role in the new ATM environment ?”

10,30 – 11,00 Coffee break

11,00 – 11,30 R. Curran, F. Van der Zwan, F. Smulders – TU Delft
Evaluation of Airport System of Systems from a Human Stakeholder Perspective using a Value Operations Methodology (VOM) Assessment Framework

11,30 – 12,00 E. D’Amato, G. del Core, G. Duca – University Parthenope of Naples
Development of an ant colony optimization algorithm to improve maintenance process efficiency

12,00 – 12,30 S. Conversy, H. Gaspard-Boulinc (Universite de Toulouse/ ENAC/ IRIT), S. Chatty, S. Vales (IntuiLab), C. Dupre, C. Ollagnon (Intactile Design)
Supporting Air Traffic Control collaboration with a TableTop System

Seminar closure

12,30 – 13,00 Session chairman and ASDA chairman
Final discussion, wrap-up and closing remarks

The Guidelines for Authors and Speakers can be downloaded here.