SESAR 2020

The European Commission has launched the extension of the SESAR Joint Undertaking. In the SESAR 2020 programme you find three streams for participation of research organisations or companies:

  • Exploratory research
  • Industrial research & Validation
  • Very large scale demonstrations
SESAR2020 Ohases

SESAR2020 Phases

The Exploratory research part will build upon the WP-E experience but will be structured in a new way. More can be found in the draft SESAR2020 R&I Programme.
The 1st call on Exploratory Research is expected for autuum 2014. ASDA Members may use this platform to discuss any form of participation.

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About Kurt

Mr. Kurt Klein gained his diploma on Electrical Engineering from the University of Technology in Braunschweig in 1975 and joined the German Aerospace Center, DLR in the same year. He has a long track record in scientific and applied research work in the areas RF-Techniques for aircraft navigation, telemetry, aircraft recorder analysis and transcription system for accident investigation, avionics, A-SMGCS (Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control Systems for Airports), air traffic management concept validation, and ATM test facilities. In 2000 Kurt Klein joined the management team of the DLR Institute of Flight Guidance as department head and acted as interim director of the institute for 2.5 years. He took over the vice director position of the Institute and became also the head of the department “Administrative Support & AT-One” within the institute in 2008. He was responsible for the research business management of the DLR Institute of Flight Guidance. From 2006 on he was also one director of AT-One, the strategic research alliance on ATM with NLR. In August 2015 he retired from his DLR and AT-One positions and became a Scientific Aenior Advisor to the DLR Institute. Kurt Klein, as representative of DLR, was one of the founders of the “Association for the Scientific Development of ATM in Europe”, ASDA in 2007 and is now the chairman of the board.

One thought on “SESAR 2020

  1. “Upon reading those documents, it seems to me that a single university, let alone a department or a group, will not have the clout to make a successful EoI for SESAR 2020 SJU membership, but I might be mistaken here. So would it make sense for ASDA to apply, as un umbrella for us all?
    Cheers, Pierre”
    The board is discussing that topic.

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