• The SESAR magazine focus on SESAR 2020 exploratory Research.
  • SESAR 2020 Industrial Research launch and building the new Membership of the SJU is delayed into 2016.


  • SESAR Solution Workshop is scheduled for 16-17 September 2015, Paris, France
  • EUROCONTROL ART Workshop on RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems and their impact on ATM), 24th September 2015, Vilnius, Lithuania
    >>>>>> ASDA activities on RPAS
  • ATACCS (SESAR WP-E Network Workshop) will be held on 20-23 October 2015 at Toulouse, France
  • AERODAYS 2015, 20-23 October, London, UK
  • The 5th SESAR Innovation Days, 1-3 December 2015, hosted by Universit√† di Bologna, Bologna, Italy